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Special Events

Join Suzanne for upcoming events


Radiant Families

A weekend retreat exclusively for Learn Life Urban Hub Families

Garraf, Spain

March 16 & 17, 2024

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Radical Oneness

Mystical Wisdom from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (VBT)


A Weekend Retreat with Suzanne Faith


Near Barcelona, Spain

May 31-June 2, 2024

Join Suzanne for a weekend immersion into the depths of your soul and the fabric of your humanity by exploring the practices within the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra (VBT). 


This text provides us with the HEART of Tantric Meditation. Some consider this text as a tantric manual, but not an intellectual manual. This text provides skills and tools to allow your consciousness to expand. The text has more than a dozen translations and has opened the hearts of countless meditation practitioners.


Awaken The Heart

Unveil Your Inner Teacher

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training- MORE INFO

Module 1: April 13 - 21, 2024
Module 2: Nov 2 - 10, 2024

Ibiza, Spain

Enrich your yoga practice with Suzanne Faith, Lauren Lee and Lucy McCarthy in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This training is a hybrid of in person and online LIVE and self-study.  The in person immersions are hosted on the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain!

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