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Mythic Genius -

A Pilgrimage into Vishnu and Lakshmi

With Suzanne Faith and Lauren Lee
Weekend Imm


Ibiza Spain

Open Space Studio

March 17-19

Immerse into colourful, adventurous, heart-touching story-telling. Cultivate a resilient inner- kingdom and awaken parts of yourself that lay hidden, ignored or forgotten. Develop strength and flexibility in the muscular-skeletal system and cultivate mindfulness techniques for self-regulation.

The ancient wisdom holders, traditional yoga teachings and modern psychology and neurology teach us that we hold the power within ourselves to manifest the VERY best version of our life.  The ancient stories and teachings of Hindu Mythology allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the spectrum of humanity. The mythic teachings remind us of the various archetypes and personalities within each of us, Our aim is to awaken and embody these forms in order to transition not only through individual stages of life but also at collective levels. When we activate these archetypes within ourselves, then humanity can evolve and align with the trends and pulses of the Universe. 


Dive deep into the Mythology of  Vishnu and Lakshmi, archetypes that live within your own personal human constellation. Vishnu is an intelligence that shapes new order, but for the good of the people. Vishnu´s objective is to support the collective with new values and balance. Lakshmi is the Grace of Earth, drawing us closer to the regenerative properties that are available for us in Nature. She is the healing force of Love.

Together, these two archetypes bring greater balance and beauty to both our inner and outer worlds. 

The practices will alleviate stress in the body and mind and calm the nervous system. Students will learn practical tools on how to navigate this transformative period in history. Students will develop life-style and behavioral goals, positive perspectives and attitudes, effective communication skills and healthy relationships to live a more proactive and empowered life.

Practices include story telling, satsang, asana, restorative sessions, pranayama, meditation, contemplative and group exercises. All levels and ages (above 15) are welcome.

A weekend of PURE transformation!

*The retreat will not be silent per say but it will be a sacred space of quietude to respect and honour the inner alchemy.

*Students are encouraged to join the entire weekend to receive the most benefits from the program and to support the community. 


The Program

FRIDAY -  March 17




* The Mythology of Sita and Ram - Storytelling

* Pranayama and Mediation Practices
* Contemplation Group Exercises

SATURDAY - March 18



Morning Yoga - Asana, Pranayama and Meditation 

15 minute tea and snack break


Immersion into Vishnu

Storytelling, Satsang, Meditation, Contemplation, Group exercises


Immersion into Lakshmi

Storytelling, Satsang, Mediation, Contemplation, and Group Exercises


Closing Meditation, Chanting, Yoga Nidra

SUNDAY - March 19




Morning Yoga - Asana, Pranayama and Meditation 

15 minute tea and snack break



Storytelling, Satsang, Meditation, Contemplation, Group exercises



Closing Ceremony

Your Guides

Suzanne has spent over three decades deeply immersed in the teachings and methodologies of yoga, psychology, meditation, and spiritual contemplation. She is a passionate educator - a teacher's-teacher – and learner.


Suzanne Faith

Suzanne Faith is a longstanding meditation and hatha yoga teacher, mentor, and therapist. Suzanne’s teachings invite students to dissolve barriers and move through intelligent practices to restore and evolve on all levels. She is deeply passionate about exploring our internal capacities to heal and grow. Suzanne has spent over three decades deeply immersed in the teachings and methodologies of Yoga, psychology, meditation, contemplation, and energy healing. She is a lover of education and learning, and a teacher's-teacher. Suzanne has worked therapeutically and as an educator in conventional medical and schools systems, integrative health clinics and privately in the areas of family and marriage, addiction, cancer, professional sports, and childhood development.


Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee is a dedicated student on the path of yoga with a fierce desire to share the teachings as a gateway to awaken consciousness to support the collective awakening. She has been teaching for a decade and continues to courageously carve her own path, studying and sharing ways of living through practices rooted in ancient wisdom that bring greater stability and freedom for all. She is a certified E-RYT 500 and Continued Education Provider with Yoga Alliance, and an Anusara Inspired teacher with thousands of hours of diverse teaching experience and close mentorship with her two dearest teachers, Rose Baudin and Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori. She leads international workshops, retreats, teacher trainings and personalised mentorship studies globally. She creates sacred opportunities for students to explore and connect to their heart through the practices and philosophies of yoga, and effortlessly guides practitioners through intelligently sequenced classes, layered with themes that explore the full spectrum of life, further attuning, awakening and alchemizing the physical and subtle bodies.


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