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Step into your practices, into your woven manifestations of mind and to experience all of it from a place of wonder and dedication.

We are not meant to walk this path alone. We are programmed to interconnect….to engage and cohabitate with others, animals, Nature and most definitely with Grace and her intelligences. In any given moment she (Nature or Grace) is guiding you in making decisions and with the process of engaging with life. These tools and teachings that are bestowed to us from Grace support us in navigating our way through this deep fabric and complexity of humanity. These tools are like your resources and allies - i.e., they are here to support you and at the same time invite each of us to continue to grow. These resources become available to us as we become more intimate with our yoga practices. The more we dive into the body, mind and breath, the more we learn to attune to the messages and lines of communication from Grace. Hence, YOGA is such a powerful channel into this wonderland of resources and allies that exist at a very subtle dimension. Nature is continuously expanding and growing. Right now Nature is demanding deep change on this planet, and I think most of us can feel it. She works her growth and her change through us…so that the planet, on macro and micro levels, can establish order, balance and beauty. The evolutionary powers of Grace are moving through us (as US). If we resist these forces, then we end up feeling very uncomfortable. Some of the oldest ancient teachings tell us that if we resist these cycles , Nature will end up destroying us. The more we embrace and engage with Nature’s intentions, the more likely we are to transform and experience more ease. Over these past few years, what I have truly come to experience and realize is that Nature is trying to awaken us to her most brightest qualities, such as joy, creativity and love. These are qualities that are very much part of our life and available to us in every given ordinary moment. There are veils that tend to prevent us from tapping into those gifts of Grace. The Yoga practices, the Sadhana, they thin the veils and invite transparency. We can begin to experience the full spectrum of what life is really offering us. Life is full of forests, full of these woven veils and they themselves are very clever, colorful and textural forests. They are full of teachings, full of story, stimuli, creativity and play. The forests become magnetizing because they capture your curiosity. Curiosity is awoken as we walk through the fabrics of the veils. The veils are very much part of this humanity. Behind the veils and woven into the veils are these precious particles of Grace (or the Absolute), such as the sensation of complete contentment and illumination of understanding and all kinds of revelations. In particular, the one revelation that is critical for us to awaken to is that we are all incredibly interconnected… to each other, to Nature, to animals and to primary elements of Mother Earth, including the wind, rain, sun, lunar rays, tides and particles of the Universe which float all around us. We are ALL made up of the same thing. The forgetting of our True Nature is part of the veils. The Sadhana invites us to remember, and through the remembrance we are able to recognize.

So I invite you to step into your practices, into your woven manifestations of mind and to experience all of it from a place of wonder and dedication. Can we step into our Sadhana with a deep intention and aim to support Nature’s objective, which is to keep unfolding and to keep drawing herself (and hence ourselves) back into balance, so that the deep order of the Universe can embrace victory. Om Namah Shivaya my beauties. LOVE

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