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FREE Guide:
‘‘8 Essential Methods to Deepen Your Meditation Practice”

Are you called to deepen and strengthen your meditation practice at this time? Would you like to regain balance in your life?

In this guide you will:

Clarify which meditation technique
is (still) the best for you

Re-establish steadiness, ease, and
 in your daily practice

Fortify your daily meditation with
simple shifts in your approach

Strengthen your commitment to
show up every day
on your cushion

Transform common obstacles 
on your path

Fuel your meditation practice
with devotion


The act of simply returning to the roots of your meditation practice can provide a profound remembrance of our individual purpose and reestablish mental, physical, and emotional balance in your life.

  • Do you feel your personal meditation could be deepened, strengthened, or enriched?

  • Could deepening your personal meditation practice better serve your students and those around you?

If so, this meditation guide has been lovingly crafted just for YOU.

These powerful meditation methods have been imparted by venerable teachers and will help you cultivate positive transformation, growth, and balance

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