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Radiant Hope

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Online LIVE

With Suzanne Faith, PHD

Feb 9, 2024 | 7pm CET

Set your highest intentions through a set of potent and profound yoga practices.

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, let us turn to the wisdom of hope and propel ourselves forward into positive possibilities. 

We invite you to join us in a complimentary one hour workshop.

It’s the time of year to prepare the body, mind and heart for personal and spiritual awakenings.

It is the season to clarify your intentions and aims for this upcoming year.

Many traditions honor the dawning of inner light to illuminate a path of resiliency and positive psychology. 

detail of nature zoomed in with a beautiful sunrise in the background giving the emotion o
In the spirit of our commitment to wisdom teachings and a growth mindset, join Suzanne for a free one-hour webinar. 


Radiant Hope on
February 9th @ 7PM CET!

Your Guide

Suzanne has spent over three decades deeply immersed in the teachings and methodologies of yoga, psychology, meditation, and spiritual contemplation. She is a passionate educator - a teacher's-teacher – and learner.

Suzanne Faith

Suzanne Faith is a longstanding meditation and hatha yoga teacher, mentor, and therapist. Suzanne’s teachings invite students to dissolve barriers and move through intelligent practices to restore and evolve on all levels. She is deeply passionate about exploring our internal capacities to heal and grow. Suzanne has spent over three decades deeply immersed in the teachings and methodologies of Yoga, psychology, meditation, contemplation, and energy healing. She is a lover of education and learning, and a teacher's teacher. Suzanne has worked therapeutically and as an educator in conventional medical and schools systems, integrative health clinics and privately in the areas of family and marriage, addiction, cancer, professional sports, and childhood development.



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