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The sooner we can let go and raise our vibrations, the sooner we can begin to co-create the new paradigms.

My Dear Light Warriors,

I hope this finds all of you staying strong and creative. I know times are very intense, and the severity of intensity seems to pulsate from joy, to creativity, to irritability and irrationality. Right now each of us are moving through this Radical Recalibration in different ways and timing. I try to remember that the Universe expresses itself through us. Nature grows itself through humanity. If we look around it is easy to see that nature is in the process of a complete upheaval to the tapestry that has been interwoven over millions of years, and the aim is for Nature to evolve and grow herself.

The tapestry of humanity is being re-woven, which requires many threads to dissolve. The dissolution is a cleansing and purification. The Universe cleanses itself through us, including our behaviour, our minds, our digestion and even through our pores. Now is the time ti be patient with our loved ones, to cultivate empathy and to support one another as we move through the purification.

As the tapestry folds upon itself, it forces us to look back and reflect on our story, both personal and collective. And as certain threads die out (such as structures within professional, cultural, social, educational levels), we will (at one point) need to move through the experience of acceptance. We will need to move through the sensations of grief, fear, anger, sadness and/or confusion until we accept the new paradigms of living. This dense process will keep pulsating in and out of joy, creative insight, bliss and dynamic dances because the Universe is a polar essence. We will need to let go and surrender into Nature’s Will, so that the dying process can live itself out, and because the consciousness of Creative Manifestation needs to sprout itself from an open ground of being.

The sooner we can let go and raise our vibrations, the sooner we can begin to co-create the new paradigms. Nature is trying to tell you exactly what we need to do….where to put our attention and awareness. But we need to go inside. Inside is the only way out. Going within all of your sheaths (body, mind, heart, prana and consciousness) will eventually lead you into a pathway of alignment with Source. And when you are aligned with Source, you receive all the nutrients, love, strength and clarity.

Many of us have been given the tools and teachings on how to begin this inward journey. Now is the time to study these teachings and to practice using your tools….everyday. Take care of your body, mind, heart and prana. Be in silence and stillness with Nature’s Currents.

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